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My Story

Just a college lacrosse player (D1) whose parents want him to do something with his ridiculous amounts of free time. I have been stringing and dying lacrosse sticks ever since I was a little lad, and absolutely hate the larger businesses that take 2-3 weeks to give you your stick. I have big ideas for this brand, beyond lacrosse and thought the lacrosse community is a great place to start. 

We are a Lacrosse company that prioritizes what we lacrosse players love about the sport. We want to stay as far away from the overweight dads screaming "wheels" on the sidelines of summer lacrosse or that annoying coach who is so obviously past his prime and is simply there to look at your mom. Don't even get me started on that Pre-Practice half-lap where you feel like you are going into cardiac arrest. We are here for the moments when you got a little too high before practice, but you still nipped twine. Or when you are just in the backyard with the boys tossing the rock, talking about how that one kid on your team needs to stop wearing eyeblack, or when your Coach cancels praccy, and you get to hop on Fortnite with the lads. Or even watching Ryder Garnsey highlights in class right after a fire shmeezbar sesh with a fresh mint podious rex in the men's room. But most importantly, we are here to string you a buttery twig with a stellar dye job that will turn heads. 

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